Console Command List/L

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Command Default Cheat? Help Text
lastinv None
+left Start moving player left (button down)
-left Stop moving player left (button up)
light crosshair Show texture color at crosshair
linefile Parses map leak data from .lin file
list List cached servers.
listdemo List demo file contents.
listid Lists banned users.
listip List IP addresses on the ban list.
listmodels List loaded models.
load Load a saved game.
lod Enable 1 None
lod TransitionDist 800 None
log 1>.
log addaddress Set address and port for remote host <ip:port>.
log console 1>.
log events 1>.
log level Specifies a logging level 0..15 <n>.
log udp 1>.
+lookdown None
-lookdown None
lookspring 0 None
lookstrafe 0 None
+lookup None
-lookup None
lservercfgfile 0 None