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Command Default Cheat? Help Text
m customaccel 0 Custom mouse acceleration (0 disable, 1 to enable, 2 enable with separate yaw/pitch rescale).

Formula: mousesensitivity = ( rawmousedelta^m_customaccel_exponent ) * m_customaccel_scale + sensitivity. If mode is 2, then x and y sensitivity are scaled by m_pitch and m_yaw respectively.

m customaccel exponent 1 Mouse move is raised to this power before being scaled by scale factor.
m customaccel max 0 Max mouse move scale factor, 0 for no limit
m customaccel scale 0 Custom mouse acceleration value.
m filter 0 Mouse filtering (set this to 1 to average the mouse over 2 frames).
m forward 1 Mouse forward factor.
m mouseaccel1 0 Windows mouse acceleration initial threshold (2x movement).
m mouseaccel2 0 Windows mouse acceleration secondary threshold (4x movement).
m mousespeed 1 Windows mouse speed factor (range 1 to 20).
m pitch 0 Mouse pitch factor.
m side 0 Mouse side factor.
m yaw 0 Mouse yaw factor.
map Start playing on specified map.
map background Runs a map as the background to the main menu.
map edit None
map_noareas 0 Disable area to area connection testing.
mapcyclefile mapcycle.txt Sets the map cycle file to use for cycling maps.
maps Displays list of maps.
mat antialias 0 None
mat bloom 1 None
mat bufferprimitives 1 None
mat bumpbasis 0 None
mat bumpmap 1 Toggles bumpmap rendering on/off.
mat camerarendertargetoverlaysize 128 Yes None
mat clipz 1 None
mat compressedtextures 1 None
mat configcurrent Show the current video control panel config for the material system.
mat crosshair Display the name of the material/texture under the crosshair.
mat debug None
mat debugdepth 0 None
mat debugdepthmode 0 None
mat debugdepthval 128 None
mat debugdepthvalmax 256 None
mat depthbias decal -262144 None
mat depthbias normal 0 Yes None
mat diffuse 1 None
mat drawflat 0 Yes None
mat drawwater 1 Yes None
mat dxlevel 90 None
mat envmapsize 128 None
mat envmaptgasize 32 None
mat fastnobump 0 None
mat fastspecular 1 Enable/Disable specularity for visual testing. Will not reload materials and will not affect perf.
mat fillrate 0 Yes None
mat filterlightmaps 1 Smooths lightmaps. Lighting appears blocky when this is off.
mat filtertextures 1 Smooths textures. Textures appear blocky when this is off.
mat forceaniso 1 Sets Anistropic Filtering Level
mat forcedynamic 0 Yes None
mat forcehardwaresync 1 None
mat frame sync enable 1 Yes None
mat frame sync force texture 0 Yes Force frame syncing to lock a managed texture.
mat framebuffercopyoverlaysize 128 None
mat fullbright 0 Yes None
mat hsv 0 None
mat info Shows material system info
mat leafvis 0 Draw wireframe of current leaf
mat levelflush 1 None
mat loadtextures 1 None
mat luxels 0 Yes None
mat maxframelatency 1 None
mat measurefillrate 0 Yes None
mat mipmaptextures 1 None
mat monitorgamma 2 Monitor gamma (typically 2.2 for CRT and 1.7 for LCD).
mat norendering 0 None
mat normalmaps 0 Yes None
mat normals 0 Yes None
mat parallaxmap 0 None
mat picmip 0 Sets texture quality. Is the same as the "Texture Detail" menu. Values are 0-High, 1-Medium, 2-Low
mat proxy 0 None
mat reducefillrate 0 None
mat reloadallmaterials None
mat reloadmaterial None
mat reloadtextures None
mat reversedepth 0 Yes None
mat savechanges Saves current video configuration to the registry.
mat setvideomode Sets the width, height, windowed state of the material system.
mat shadowstate 1 None
mat show texture memory usage 0 Display the texture memory usage on the HUD.
mat showcamerarendertarget 0 Yes None
mat showenvmapmask 0 None
mat showframebuffertexture 0 Yes None
mat showlightmapcomponent 0 0: show normal-mapped lightmap

1: show component 11: show component 21: show component 3

mat showlightmappage -1 None
mat showlowresimage 0 None
mat showmaterials Show materials.
mat showmaterialsverbose None
mat showmiplevels 0 None
mat showtextures Show textures.
mat showwatertextures 0 Yes None
mat skybloomamount 1 None
mat slopescaledepthbias decal 0 Yes None
mat slopescaledepthbias normal 0 Yes None
mat softwarelighting 0 None
mat softwareskin 0 None
mat specular 1 Enable/Disable specularity for performance testing. Will cause a material reload upon change.
mat spewvertexandpixelshaders Print all vertex and pixel shaders currently loaded to the console.
mat stub 0 Yes None
mat suppress Suppress a material from drawing
mat surfaceid 0 None
mat surfacemat 0 None
mat texture limit -1 If this value is not -1, the material system will limit the amount of texture memory it uses in a frame. Useful for identifying performance cliffs. The value is in kilobytes.
+mat texture list None
-mat texture list None
mat texture list 0 For debugging, show a list of used textures per frame
mat texture list all 0 If this is nonzero, then the texture list panel will show all currently-loaded textures.
mat texturelist directories 0 None
mat texturelist files 1 None
mat trilinear 1 None
mat viewportscale 1 Yes Debugging viewport scale
mat vsync 0 Force sync to vertical retrace
mat wateroverlaysize 128 None
mat wireframe 0 See Optimization Commands.
mat yuv 0 Turns the screen monochrome
maxplayers Change the maximum number of players allowed on this server.
mem dump Dump memory stats.
mem dumpstats 0 Dump current and max heap usage info to console at end of frame ( set to 2 for continuous output )
mem force flush 0 Force cache flush of unlocked resources on every alloc.
metropolice charge 1 None
metropolice chase use follow 0 None
metropolice move and melee 1 None
minisave Saves game (for current level only!)
mod forcedata 1 Forces all model file data into cache on model load.
monk headshot freq 2 None
mortar visualize 0 None
+movedown None
-movedown None
+moveleft None
-moveleft None
+moveright None
-moveright None
+moveup None
-moveup None
mp allowNPCs 1 None
mp autoteambalance 1 None - New Source Engine
mp autoteambalance delay 1 Time after the teams become unbalanced to attempt to switch players. - New Source Engine
mp autoteambalance warning delay 1 Time after the teams become unbalanced to print a balance warning. - New Source Engine
mp allowspectators 1 Toggles whether the server allows spectator mode or not.
mp autocrosshair 1 None
mp bonusroundtime 1 Time after round win until round restarts - New Source Engine
mp buytime 1.5 Time players have to buy weapons
mp chattime 10 Amount of time players can chat after the game is over.
mp decals 200 None
mp defaultteam 0 None
mp enableroundwaittime 1 Enable timers to wait between rounds. - New Source Engine
mp facefronttime 3 After this amount of time of standing in place but aiming to one side, go ahead and move feet to face upper body.
mp falldamage 0 None
mp feetyawrate 720 How many degrees per second that we can turn our feet or upper body.
mp flashlight 0 None
mp footsteps 1 None
mp forcecamera 0 Restricts spectator modes for dead players.
mp forcerespawn 1 None
mp fraglimit 0 None
mp friendlyfire 0 None
mp ik 1 Use IK on in-place turns.
mp logecho 1 None
mp logfile 1 None
mp maxrounds 1 Max number of rounds to play before server changes maps - New Source Engine.
mp restartround 1 If non-zero, the current round will restart in the specified number of seconds - New Source Engine.
mp stalemate timelimit 1 Timelimit (in seconds) of the stalemate round. - New Source Engine.
mp teamlist 0 None
mp teamoverride 1 None
mp teamplay 0 None
mp teams unbalance limit 1 Teams are unbalanced when one team has this many more players than the other team. (0 disables check) - New Source Engine.
mp timelimit 0 Game time per map in minutes.
mp weaponstay 0 None
mp winlimit 0 Max number of rounds one team can win before server changes maps - New Source Engine.
mp3 (Counter-Strike: Source only) Starts the Valve MP3 Player.
muzzleflash light 1 None